Development of a fishing mobile game with Unity


This was my second unity game. Panaworld asked me to create mobile games for our future macrojuegos application. This a game where the user could use a popular character from the macrojuegos lore and fish with him. Fishing a lot of fishes or big ones lead to win some digital money. Our users could then use this money to buy digital assets like avatars, clothes or empowers.

Unity is a game engine that uses C# as the scripting language C# Code from the game

Watch the gameplay demo in Youtube

Some code visible in this video

This game was never released in public APP stores because the development of the macrojuegos APP was temporarily stopped in favor of another project.

Disclaimer: This project is private. This means that I cannot guarantee the public source code, only images or small snippets for demonstration purposes with the owner's permission. Nevertheless, if required for an interview I could give access permits for the private repository where this code or a copy of it is hosted.
  • c#
  • unity engine
  • game-development
  • private-project
  • company:panaworld