Barcelona-Based Full Stack Developer

Crafting Seamless Digital Experiences

Crafting Solutions and Ensuring Code Quality

With years of experience in the web industry, I have gained extensive knowledge across various fields.

Discover more about my personal interests.

My technical skills

My expertise in web technologies is highly versatile, encompassing both backend and frontend skillsets. I have developed API services, worked with databases, crafted visually appealing frontend layouts, and created complex JavaScript applications using ES6.

As a Linux enthusiast, I have been exploring it since childhood. While I primarily work with Debian/Ubuntu servers, I am also familiar with Arch distributions.

Although not my primary focus, I have developed games using the Unity Engine for a company.

Regarding programming languages, I am proficient in PHP, JavaScript ES5/6, and Java. I invite you to explore this detailed list for more information.

Projects I've Successfully Developed

In summary, my primary experience comes from working on a significant product at a startup for nearly 9 years. During that time, I developed numerous projects, including creating new features, fixing bugs, refactoring code, and addressing business concerns such as SEO and IT technology planning. I also built smaller products and intranets for the company.

Beyond that, I have worked on side projects like this website, utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Feel free to explore the full list of projects and check out my GitHub profile.


I always wanted to study software engineering, but due to life hardships, I had to pursue other paths. I started as a self-taught learner but eventually obtained an official education. I practiced and learned theory from books since a young age and ended up working in the industry without even having formal education.

Check my CV/Resume and other certifications below.

Resume (CV)💾
Panaworld's recommendation letter (Spanish)💾
EFSET English Certificate (C1 Advanced)💾
Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications💾

Contact Me

Do you have any questions? I'm from Barcelona. Below you'll find different contact options.

Status: I'm currently working 100% remotely as a Full Stack Developer, but I'm also open to opportunities that will help me grow my career.

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