Full Stack Developer from Barcelona

A programmer focused on Web technologies

Create things and take care of your code.

After working in the Web industry for a "while" I managed to learn quite a lot of things in many fields.

Know more about my personal interests.

My technical skills

I'm very versatile when it comes to web technologies. I have backend and frontend skills. I have created API services, played with databases, build beautiful layouts for frontend, made complex javascript applications using ES6... a lot.

I'm a Linux phreak so I played with it since I was a child. I'm used to work with debian/ubuntu servers but also know about arch distributions.

I made some games using Unity Engine for a company but is not my main skillset.

About programming languages... I know quite a lot of PHP, Javascript ES5/6 and Java. You should take a look to this detailed list.

Projects I've built

Well, to be brief I mainly worked on a big product in a startup for almost 9 years. I built a lot of projects there, from creating new features, fixing bugs, refactoring code and dealing with the business issues like SEO or planning IT technologies. I also built other smaller products or intranets for the company.

I've also made some side projects like this website using trending tech.

You can browse the full list of projects. You can also have a look at my github profile.


I always wanted to study the software engineer career but because life hardshipss I had to drop the dream. I'm mostly self-taught. I practiced and learned theory from books since young age and ended up working for the industry without even having an official education.

Check my CV/Resume and other certifications below.

Contact Me

Do you have any questions? I'm from Barcelona. I let you have some different contact options below.

!!! Attention: I'm currently studying. My availability is limited. If you need a part-time web developer, get in touch.


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