Full Stack Developer from Barcelona

A programmer focused on Web technologies

Create things and take care of your code.

After a few years working for the Web industry I have experience in both the Backend side and Frontend. I've also managed Linux dedicated servers and the tools required to run web applications. This is why I call myself Full Stack.

Learn more about how I ended up in the industry and about personal interests here or use the menu.

My technical skills

In summary, as for the Backend I worked mostly with PHP and MySQL and as for the Frontend Javascript ES5 & ES6, Node Npm modules, jQuery, React, HTML5, CSS and some css libraries like bootstrap or bulma.

I'm a Linux nerd so I had no difficulties managing the servers, usually Debian and sometimes CentOS.

I also made a few games with Unity using c# but is not my main field.

Because I like to build side projects and play with new tools I also have experience in other technologies, you can have a detailed look here or use the Menu.

Projects I've built

Well, to be brief I mainly worked on a big product in a startup for almost 9 years. I built a lot of projects there, from creating new features, fixing bugs, refactoring code and dealing with the business issues like SEO or planning IT technologies. I also built other smaller products or intranets for the company.

I've also made some side projects like this website, ytrends.net, and other stuff.

You can browse the full list of projects in the menu or by entering here. You can also have a look at my github.


I always wanted to study the software engineer career but because family disruptions I had to drop the dream. I'm mostly self-taught. I practiced and learned theory from books since young age, paid for courses, and ended up working for the industry without an official education.

At the moment even though I have 9 years of experience I'm studying something like the HNC from UK about Web app development, which in Spain is called "Formación Profesional Grado Superior FP2 DAW".

Check my CV/Resume and other certifications below.