An alternative for Youtube trends

When it comes to side projects I'm always looking for something useful to build. Usually useful for me, but maybe also useful for other people. I created Ytrends because the Youtube oficial trends algorithm sucks (personal opinion).

The project is no longer hosted and online, but you can still deploy it using the repository.

Screenshots Demo

Mobile Home

Ytrends Mobile Home

Algorithm generated for different countries

Ytrends available countries

Contact form that uses Firebase storage as backend

Ytrends contact form

Remove unwanted categories from your resultset

Ytrends filtros

Laptop mode Russia content

Ytrends portátil rusia

Korean content under mobile

Ytrends Korea móviles

Japan under tablet

Ytrends Tablet japón

Technologies used

Ytrends tecnologías utilizadas

Technical aspect

The project was made with typescript. It has a typescript + react + bulmacss frontend. The backend is just a script, also created with typescript. It uses the Youtube Api and some math to create a new trends algorithm.

A Docker container serves the backend and updates the videos daily.

Use of Firebase free tier for serverless contact form storage.


The project depends on the Youtube Api and we all know that Google likes to discontinue their things so I cannot guarantee that this project will be alive forever.

Show me the code

This project is open source, I made a github repository so you can explore it.


  • reactjs
  • youtube-api
  • firebase
  • typescript
  • css-in-js
  • css
  • bulmacss
  • html
  • docker
  • single-page-app
  • personal-project

Contact Me

Do you have any questions? I'm from Barcelona. Below you'll find different contact options.

Status: I'm currently working 100% remotely as a Full Stack Developer, but I'm also open to opportunities that will help me grow my career.


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