Revamping & Upgrading Macrojuegos.com with a Fresh New Design

Panaworld S.L. hired me part-time to support development tasks such as frontend design, layout, HTML, CSS, and more. My first assignment with the company was to breathe new life into their main product, Macrojuegos.com, with a bold new design.

My work primarily involved writing HTML code and CSS2.5 rules to ensure compatibility with browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Mozilla Firefox, and the then-newcomer Google Chrome. A professional designer crafted the design using Adobe Photoshop, and my job was to transform it into a fully functional static website.

Although HTML & CSS aren't technically programming languages (though they can sometimes be even more challenging), this was my first foray into the programming world. The website focused on browser games and mini-games, drawing in substantial traffic. It also featured multilingual support, which posed no issues during the upgrade process.

Upon completion, we rolled out the new design on the lower-traffic domains in English, Russian, and Polish: Minigamers.com, Macrogames.ru, and Microgry.com.

Revamped Design One of the many designs Minigamers.com sported

While HTML & CSS may be more straightforward these days, back in 2009, with all the older browsers around, it was a genuine challenge that often led to headaches. Why? Because even when you adhered to the official CSS2 & HTML documentation rules, browsers would behave as they pleased. Thankfully, users eventually updated their browsers, pushing Internet Explorer to a distant second or even third place. Today, Chrome reigns supreme.

Disclaimer: This project is confidential. As a result, I am unable to provide access to the complete source code, but I can share images or small code snippets for demonstration purposes, with the owner's permission. However, if needed for an interview, I may be able to grant access to the private repository where this code or a copy of it is stored.
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